Our Experts

Our Terrazzo Department consists of a cadre of highly skilled and experienced artisans, some of who have been with the company for decades. Our Estimating and Design Department can accurately quote the cost of your job, discuss options and work with owners, contractors, and architects to help select the perfect materials, colors, and design available for your important job. Our installation employees are overseen directly by Sal Piazza, whose experience and expertise allow the company to complete jobs safely, accurately, on time and on budget. See below a sampling of our workforce.

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Sal Piazza

Sal Piazza was born in Mussomeli in Sicily – he was 13 years old when his entire family moved to the United States, coming for “the better life”. His father had been a stone mason in Sicily, and encouraged his son to join the trade in the 1980s. When he received  his permit, he  went to work with D. Magnum - a terrazzo company. Terrazzo is a uniquely Italian trade, and in the beginning speaking Italian was a vital trait. He was 32 years old when he started in the terrazzo industry, and has been 30 years in the business. He is the epitome of a seasoned professional. 

Sal quickly developed a name for himself as being one of the best in the business, and was being entrusted with some of the largest and most famous landmarks in New York -  the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, various New York Courthouses, Foley square  and Trump Tower. Sal tells of the fact that  he has completed projects at President Trump’s personal apartment also, and has been requested back there three times, such is the value that President Trump places upon Sal's expertise and workmanship.

Due to its historical significance, when the Port Morris Team completed restoration of the Grand Central Station, under the guidance of Sal the team had to do everything "like they did in the old days, because what we were doing was replacing a piece of the floor that had been damaged, and we did everything the old fashioned way. Luckily I had some old Italian guys who knew how to do it, as during World War II they were stationed in Africa, and they were doing a lot of cement terrazzo there and they didn’t have machines and so I learned the old way to do it from them. I was the youngest guy at that time to do it. Now we use a dividing strip, but back in the old days they didn’t. the only machine we used was the one to grind it – nobody was willing to grind it by hand."

Sal has trained over 200 men in the terrazzo trade, and is truly the lead terrazzo specialist in the New York area. 

When I work, it is a military thing, I take a lot of pride.
— Sal Piazza




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James Delazzero

James Delazzero is a member of the Delazzero family who established Port Morris Tile & Marble.

James is a highly educated tradesman, he first attended the University of the Arts Philadelphia, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1990. He was then selected to attend the famed Scuola Mosaicisti Della Fruili - The School of Mosaics in Spilimbergo Italy, from 1990-1991. 

Since 1993 he has worked with the terrazzo department at Port Morris Tile & Marble. For 18 years he was in the field, including three years at the Museum of Natural History - New York, and the highly complex restoration of Grand Central Station. 

He is now Head of Sampling, mock-ups, precast, material procurement, and inventory/tooling management.